✔️ Check mark

Check mark


The Check mark emoji ✔️ represents approval, completion, or a task that has been done. It’s a symbol of affirmation, indicating that something has been checked off a list, verified, or confirmed. Visually, it’s a simple tick or check, universally recognized for its meaning. This emoji is often used in contexts where someone is agreeing with something, confirming attendance, or acknowledging that a task has been completed. Compared to related emojis like the ❌ Cross mark, which signifies rejection or something incorrect, the ✔️ Check Mark is the positive counterpart. It’s a straightforward way to show agreement, correctness, or completion without the need for words. Whether it’s used in school assignments, to-do lists, or digital communications, the Check Mark ✔️ emoji conveys a clear message of “yes”, “done”, or “correct”.

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