🀬 Face with symbols on mouth

Face with symbols on mouth


The Face with Symbols on Mouth emoji 🀬 represents a face that’s so angry, it’s swearing! Instead of actual swear words, symbols cover the mouth to keep it PG. This emoji is a colorful way to show extreme frustration or anger without using bad words. It’s like the emoji is censoring itself! You might use this when you’re really mad about something but want to keep your message clean. It’s a step up from the 😠 Angry face emoji because it shows a level of anger that’s beyond just being upset. The symbols over the mouth are a universal sign of cursing without spelling out any specific words, making it a versatile emoji for expressing anger across different languages and cultures. Compared to other angry emojis, this one is the most intense, showing that you’re not just mad, you’re super mad!

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